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The Freedom Fight

Dr. Hans Moolenburgh

208 Pages, ISBN 1 85158 041 7     
Mainstream Publishing Company, 1987     

The issue of fluoridation in water supplies is one which provokes continual controversy and conflict in a society which is becoming increasingly health-conscious. Recent motions in the US Congress and the British Parliament have brought the matter to the forefront of many health debates. Fluoride: The Freedom Fight outlines the issues at stake and relates the history of what happened in one European country when a small band of objectors took on the power of governmental bureaucracy over the subject of fluoridation in water supplies.

Hans Moolenburgh was born in Holland in 1925. After military service he became a general practitioner in Haarlem until 1981 where he now continues as a consultant. He also lectures in non-toxic cancer treatment in both Belgium and England. He is married with five children.

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